The Training Bra

So one of the moments I admittedly have worried about as I have become a single parent to two girls is the first one’s need for a training bra (and in reality the whole female puberty thing).  I know its inevitable.  But it’s also not something I have ever shopped for.

Today was the day.

Now, we didn’t get here accidentally.  My mother (grandma) planted the idea 6 or so weeks ago when she determined the need, and even bought a bra.  Unfortunately, my daughter was not quite ready for the bra, or the book on female puberty so I put everything on hold, and spent the next month or so having small and sometimes longer discussions about growing up, changes and what to expect.

Finally last night, she came to me…it was time.

In the weeks, I had spent some time doing research.  It’s amazing what you can find on the internet.  How to find a bra size, some tried and true do’s and don’ts , and even some helpful sites about kinds of bras.

Between that, and some help from friends, I was ready to take it on.

And the reality is, it was kind of anti-climatic.  The biggest issue I had was when I realized there was not way I could have her try on the bras in the store-so I had to make sure they were returnable.

There were a lot more styles than expected.  Two bras in hand, a quick stop in her bedroom for fitting-and she is wearing bras.

One hurdle down–we’ll see what’s next.

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  4. Nordstrom is great for bra-buying. They have professional fitters who are skilled and make you feel totally comfortable about being topless in front of them while they measure, fit, etc.

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