The Other Side of the Snow Day

I know I am not unlike other parents who feel the dread of the snow day-which if we are willing to be honest with our selves is that polar opposite of when we were kids.  I get that.

And honestly, the school’s closed for snow is not a huge issue-its a day I try to work from home (WFH) and make the best of it.

Today though is a much tougher one to handle-the two-hour delayed start.

As I type this on a normal day I would be getting breakfast ready and making sure the girls are up.  Instead, I went in and shut off their alarms and I am trying to rework my entire day-starting with my 8AM appointment.  Oh yeah, its two-hour delayed start and home at the normal time, so now I have to compact my day so I can be here when the bus arrives.

Clearly there will be trade offs.  Along with the appointment, out is my planned lunch, on the endangered list is hitting the gym, out is making a run to Whole Foods for some specialty items.

It’s probably a matter of having a plan and being able to make a change on the fly as needed.

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