Checking In With The Reluctant Spiritualist

Tapping the untapped partsTo anyone who has read this blog for the last year-and those who are newer readers-this is one in a continuing series of updates about my somewhat reluctant (and some would say improbable) journey into spiritualism.  Some of the background is here, so I won’t bore all with the details.

(For the new readers, among the struggles I have dealt with over the last year plus is finding a therapist I was willing to talk with.  I’ve managed to find comfort in a non-traditional therapy set up, where there is some talking, some meditation and some work on breathing/relaxation techniques.  Let me know if you need more details).

During my therapy, every 4-6 weeks (at my request) we kind of do a check in on how deeply I can tap into my inner mind by using a pendulum I hold between thumb and forefinger.  Using the power of my mind, I am now able to swing the pendulum in full circles, move it horizontally between two points and reverse it.  Its a harnessing of the mind and nerve endings in my finger tips.

During my weekly session today, I was able to keep the pendulum moving while answering some simple questions–a moment where my inner mind (the 90+% we don’t use) is tapped.  To me, going from the first time I tried this exercise where my mind would not accept it could do this exercise to today the change is startling.

Conceptually, through the meditation and relaxation, the hope is I can layer some of the comings and goings I encounter into new areas, and open myself (and my mind) to working through spiritually healthy conclusions-so perhaps the paper pyramid can be a little more stable.

While I can see the results of the work in real time with the pendulum, I still have my left-brain side that says this can’t be, where is the science.

During my session today, we talked a little about signs and seeing signs and getting signs.  Its interesting, because its the third time in a month the concept of “signs” has been brought up-one other time in therapy, and then a few weeks ago in talking to an acquaintance who is deeply religious–and the messaging has been the same, to see the signs and be able to recognize them.

And maybe they are out there, and who knows, perhaps one day I will be able to comprehend the messaging.

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