Ever Feel Like You’ve Done This Before?

Sitting here tonight-with the unveiling tomorrow morning I can’t help but think, I’ve done this before. The whole process of trying to keep it together and think two or three steps ahead to keep everything on track.  Managing myself.  Managing the girls.  Managing the expectations.  Managing the moments of anxiety.

And much like there was a year ago-when there was a night to kill, both girls spent time with friends-trying to keep it low-key and informal.

It’s probably not an inherited trait as much as it’s a learned behavior, but much like their dad, my girls are not great at patience and anticipation.  Keeping them distracted helps.  Keeping me distracted helps too…

All of this is going to unfold early tomorrow morning-and frankly that of and in itself has been an issue off and on over the last six weeks.  And I understand why.

But I also know that delaying things will not help any of us have a better day on Sunday or Monday.

So, into what should be a cold Sunday morning we’ll go-similar to the cold Monday morning we went into a year ago.  With a great respect for our friends and family we will do what we have to do and do it with respect and reverence…but we’ll do it on our terms.

Because yes, we’ve done this before and we know what works.

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