The Mobile Lesson In Responsibility

As 9.0 said this morning-my girls are getting a little spoiled this year at Hanukkah.  And given all that has gone on-I think it’s OK.  Or at least it’s not the worst thing that can happen.

By the way that declaration came after the first night-because they got their big present, the cell phone.

Neither of my kids had any idea a cell phone was coming their way this year.  In fact, I had told them talk to me when you are 13, but a variety of things have gone on over the last few months that made me re-think my position.

But that’s not to say it did not come with strings.  You see before being allowed to explore the features and functions of their Droid X (pictured) phones they had to sign a contract of responsibility.  Yeah, I”m like that.

Basically the contract points out what I am committed to paying for and clearly states overages are out of their money.  It also puts the onus of maintaining the device on them as well as using it responsibly.

They both have experience with losing iPod’s and DS’s devices for significant chunks of time for not following the rules and not being responsible-so they know there are consequences.  The contract though is a first.

Here’s a look at the contract:

Contract of Cell Phone Ownership and Responsibility

As part of my ongoing policy with them of teaching them social responsibility in the connected world I thought in this case it was important for them to know the rules, know what they were getting and put consequences in writing for them.

We’ll see in six months if this works-but at least they know for now what the ground rules are and they know that if there is a problem, the phone is a privileged that can be rescinded at any time and not a right of passage.

In the immediate future-look out for a text from one of both of my kids-they are slowly working their way through every mobile number they can find.

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