Not Another Year-Ender

There certainly is no shortage of lists that try to tie 2011 together in a neat bow.  There are lists for almost everything including a list of lists, then there are lists for music, TV shows, web sites, search terms…you name it, there’s a list.  Hell, even I made a list for 2011, so there truly is a list for everything, right?

This blog post though, won’t be another 2011 list.

When I think about 2011 I think about it in different terms.  This year, for the first time in more than 10 years there wasn’t a “what if” cloud hanging over us.  There was no shudder each time the phone rang that this was going to be “the” call.

Instead, for us, 2011 was about stability and finding a rhythm.

Things weren’t perfect, there was a lot of trial and error, but all in all it worked out and 2012 should be even better-because there was a lot we all learned about ourselves in 2011.

When I look back-I can see how quickly the year went by.  January to June was a run up to camp.  Along the way was softball, skiing and a lot of figuring out how to manage through the end of 2010 and the changes we all lived through.

Things slowed down a bit in the summer-as the girls were off at camp, and the break was needed.  We did get some work done in the house and I managed to successfully navigate the world of hardwood flooring choices and paint samples (what an awful process that is for sure).

Once camp was over was a quick roll up to school-which for me meant a trip (or three) to th mall for back to school shopping.

In a rare first for me at least, I managed to get a little ahead with holiday shopping-and I can say it now, at the end of August I bought two pairs of Ugg boots-a huge Chanukkah hit here in the house.  I can say now, I had 8 gifts-ranging from the boots, to cell phones, to Broadway show tickets with two weeks to spare.

During all that time-both girls were doing well in school.  We introduced a full-time sitter in the house to keep the stability….

And collectively we take a break now heading to 2012-and hopefully head into a year of more of the same-because all in all, 2011 didn’t suck.

So there’s no list for the single dad, there’s not Auld Lang Syne playing in the background…instead we tip our hats collectively to the year that was…and we hope that you and your friends and families join us in 2012.

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