Instant Review: Fred the Show on Nickelodeon

My girls are both big fans of iCarly, and honestly it is a very watchable show.  I don’t mind when it’s on.  Tonight was the iMeet the First Lady” episode with Michelle Obama-and it was pretty funny.

Then came the moment I shuddered.  The big announcement from Fred.  Fred the Show was about to premiere.

For those un-initiated to the world of Fred, it started out as a screaming kid doing web videos which became viral in the tween and pre-tween set.  Here’s a sample:


Now the good news for this debut-it was mercifully short.  Fred thinks the music teacher in his school is missing and he goes on an all out search for her.  See which other Nick stars you can spot helping Fred out:

  • There’s Bertha who is Fred’s neighbor.  She’s played by Nick fave  Daniella Monet, who you may know as Trina from Victorious.
  • Another neighbor Thalia has a bit of a dark side.  She’s played by Ariel Winter. She stars in Modern Family as Alex Dunphy and she’s lends her voice for animated roles for The Penguins of Madagascar, Phineas and Ferb and more.
  • John Cena of WWE fame reprises his role as Fred’s dad.

Fortunately, it’s all a big misunderstanding and only 15 minutes long.  What will be very scary as a parent though is the Saturday morning when Sponge Bob is mixed in with Fred the Show.  That will be a long morning for sure.

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6 thoughts on “Instant Review: Fred the Show on Nickelodeon

  1. My nightmare came true this super annoying YouTube sensation got his own TV show. I can’t see anybody really watching this show other than his YouTube fans. This show is plagued with bad acting, lame story lines, and stars a person who does nothing but whine, complain and talk in an unimaginably annoying voice.  I absolutely don’t recommend this to anyone i say this because it is just so immature, annoying, stupid and totally lacks all humor. Fred the show is a complete waste of time, money, and space. I give this show no stars and i’am dubbing this the worse show ever made.

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