Firing Up the Violin

Three months ago 9.0 started playing the violin in school as part of the music program in the school.  There is a lot of significance to this on a lot of levels.  Probably the most important reason for her is that her mom played the violin and viola (I think through college), and her instruments are still in the house.

I think secondary is a point of differentiation for her.  When 11.5 was in fourth grade she tried the clarinet and never really took to it.  It’s important to 9.0 to succeed at something on her own too.

When she started playing the violin in November, she asked about taking private lessons too.  I made a deal with her in November that will begin to be fulfilled today.  I told her if she practiced and enjoyed the violin, I would sign her up for lessons “in a few months.”

Three months later, we are off to private lesson one.  Fortunately there is a place not far from the house with a great reputation for teaching-so off we will go.  For now, I’ve committed to five weeks-but I think this will go through the end of the school year.  She’ll have the summer off for camp.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about finding out what it takes to restore a violin-assuming 9.0 remains avid about the instrument, playing her mom’s violin I think would be very special.  I think that will be a summer project.

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