To Passover Or Not?

With the Jewish celebration of Passover closing in-like any other milestone moment, it’s a chance to evaluate and see where I’m at and with the forced metaphor of “passing over or not” its an effective means to sort things out.

So to pass over or not:

  1. Moving:  For now I think this is one I am going to passover on.  While in the long run, cutting my commute time down from four hours+ a day would be a good move, the time is not right.
  2. Figuring out relationships: This is a tough one.  Not going to passover on it though.  Going to keep trying I suppose and figure one day I may get it right.
  3. Getting the girls to do chores: No passover on this one, but clearly a direct tie into allowances is not a motivating factor.  Their compliance is sporadic at best.  Need to work this out better.
  4. Getting 9.0 to brush her hair daily: Not a passover here.  Aside from the realistic reasons, she looks better with her hair brushed.
  5. Figuring out life: For my own sanity going to passover on this one.  Nearly 45 years into it, I still am no closer to sorting it out.
  6. Understanding how the LIRR works: Commuters have been at this far longer than I.  Have to passover on this one.
  7. Upgrading my car: Although I’d really like to, I park it at a train station 80% of the time.  Think I need to passover.
  8. Sorting out and planning 11.5’s Bat Mitzvah: Don’t get to passover on this one.  Have to figure out how to make it work and how to make it work well.  A lot of moving parts to bring together on this one.
  9. Slowing down just a little: Although I’d like to not passover on this one, it’s a passover.  Not sure how to manage and slow down at the same time.
  10. Finally finish my next book: Going to get really serious about this.  It’s about 75% done as of now.  Looking to finish before the summer-be on the lookout.  Not a passover item.

And there it is, for no real reason and based on nothing more than this moment in time. What are your “passovers or not?”  Even if you only think about it-it’s a moment in time to take stock and look at the micros that make up the macros.

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