Another Year Noted

In the hustle and bustle of the week that was another birthday in the house was passed.  My oldest daughter is now 12, and with that comes a whole new (or newer) world of stuff to manage, negotiate and handle.

Birthdays have been a vexing issue for me, and while this one was not as unmanageable as some in the recent past, still it was tough.  Add to that, with my pending surgery I am trying to be in the office as much as possible to allow for me to be out with a clear conscience and clean plate-so despite plans to make it home early on Wednesday when she had her birthday, I managed to get home a usual time.

In our house, once you get north of 10 and before bat mitzvah (11 and 12) it’s a smaller affair.  Dinner with some friends or a movie.  We planned that out a week before her birthday-tonight we are going to a local Korean BBQ place.  This is a new favorite for the kids-they like the hibachi  in the middle of the table.

The gift I got her a couple of months ago, when she “lost” her iPod Touch.  I bought her a replacement for it, instead of the bike I was going to get her.  So the gathering of the friends was taken care of and gift was solved.  Now just to make sure she felt special for the day.

I had some help there, her friends at school decorated the locker-which was really nice.  I did get a card for her and an iTunes gift card.

But as is usually the case with birthday’s a me, there comes the quality time of introspection-did I do enough.  And now the countdown is on.  Twelve months from now is her bat mitzvah, and I am already over analyzing how to handle that event.

And soon, it will be another year noted, again.

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2 thoughts on “Another Year Noted

  1.  You did so much, try not to focus on what you might not have done.  You’re doing great… keep going.

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