Pavlov’s Knee

Today was day one of post-ACL replacement rehab.  That’s as opposed to the pre-hab I did before the surgery.  And let me first say that five days post-op, man that kicked my ass.

The good news though is with pushing and stretching I was hitting 90 degree on the flex and I was able to complete the full regiment.  I am using crutches but putting weight on my knee and even stopped hopping up and down the stairs.  So there is progress.  And I know I am in for the long haul to get back into the gym, back on the ice and back to all the things I like to do.

This is my first bought with rehab so it’s all pretty new to me.  One of the interesting elements is the use of electronic stimulation.  The therapist explained to me today that the goal pre and post op is very different and the applications are different.  To that end, three different times they used the electrical stim.

During one of the exercises, the machine was set to pulse every 10 seconds.  Ten seconds on, 10 seconds off.  During the on pulse I had to flex the Gracilis muscle (I had to look up the name, they just pointed to the muscle I needed to work.  Hold the flex for 10 seconds and then relax while the simulator was in a “stand by” mode.

Then as the ampage revved up for the next 10 seconds I flexed.

The goal is to “re-teach” this muscle group how to contact and fire.  This is the muscle that runs down the inside of your thigh and crosses across the knee and other joints-so its a key muscle.  Right now, its at about 25% of capacity.  Clearly a lot of room to improve.  And I suppose much as the dogs learned when they heard a bell it was time to eat, over the next few weeks I’ll figure out how to contract the gracilis on command.

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