Another Round of Changes

Within the last week another round of changes occurred in the quiet house-and much like last year at this time it’s not all that bad.

First, I got my new “activity” brace for my knee.  The nice thing about this brace is that it’s designed to wear while doing things, so I am now far more up and about-and that’s a good thing.  I could be back in the gym at some level by next week, but still months away from getting back to full activity.

With my new brace strapped onto my leg, it was off to visiting day over the weekend to see the girls.

Now I really do miss the girls a lot.  This year, being mostly stuck in the empty house and not being able to get done what I wanted to, even more.  Its three weeks into their summer camp and normally I would be out and about doing things, or puttering around the house doing things.

And with the new brace in place, it was back onto the Long Island Rail Road and into the office for me as well.  Back to the grind-and even that is not so bad.

This summer though, there is a will to get things done, and I’m getting there-but the results are slow to come by.  Think about all you do in a day and the ways your legs move around under you.  I had never thought about it until I could not move my legs.

But new brace, new capability and getting things done, not so bad-and seeing my girls priceless.

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