Doing Our Part to Pitch In

In the scheme of disruptions caused by the Northeast’s brush with “super storm” Sandy, our experience has not been bad.  Yeah, there was a lot of wind and some minor property damage…but we have not lost power or cable and everyone here is doing OK.

So, since we’ve been relatively unscathed, we’ve opened the house to those who have not been so lucky.  Health Club Girl suffered a lot of damage at her place.  Three to four feet of water into the garage and basement.  Mom has had no power for a couple of days, various friends from around town who have not had power have been here as well.

I explained to my girls that our door is open to our friends and family really anyone who needs a place to warm up, charge some devices, check some email or just not have to be out and about in whatever is left of clean up and figuring out what to do next.

It will be a while before things are “back to normal” for all of us.  There is a lot of damage out here.  Trees down, wires down, houses wrecked-and whatever we can do to help we will.  If the girls learn just one thing from all of this its to treat others as you would hope to be treated.

I know if we had no power and things were tough, there are many places we could go.  So when we have power and some comfort our home is open to our neighbors.

While watching the local news, I’ve heard a reference that this storm is “our Katrina” referencing the storm that devastated Louisiana and Missouri.  I’m not sure that comparison is right-although it may well be.  Sandy is our reminder though that we are not alone.

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