Appreciating the Classics, Or Not

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This new year’s day (like others) I’m able to catch up with some of great TV shows that pre-date even my youth but I fondly recall from my youth.  Some 12 hours after the last guest left from our small party, I’ve been flipping between Honeymooners (on WPIX in NYC) and The Odd Couple (channel 10 in NYC) and loving it.  My girls not so much.

These shows, along with Twilight Zone (Sy-Fy) are in their annual outing.  364 days before the next marathon.  Being a product of the TV generation, I remember watching these shows over and over in the early days of what I learned in college was TV syndication.

There are a myriad of arcane TV rules as to why these shows get rolled out once a year, and you can go Google that if you are so inclined.

What is striking to me though is how little my girls have an interest in any of this.  They aren’t even humoring me today.  One is on the computer playing Roblox.  The other is on the iPad updating her SIMMS.

Now being the product of the digital age, I know what these things are too.

As for the shows, being children of the digital revolution, my girls would not appreciate these shows until they were on Netflix or have an app.

I can still recite the shows (especially Honeymooners) line for line.  Maybe my generation is the end of the line for these shows-like some shows ended with my generation (Ed Sullivan I think is a good example).  I guess for my girls, Futurama, My Name is Earl and Malcolm in the Middle are the new Honeymooners, Odd Couple and Gilligan’s Island.

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