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Click the image above to get Dad The Single Guy’s Book on your e-reader

A week after minor surgery on my right knee, I packed up and spent just less than a week in Las Vegas for work.  If you’ve even been to Vegas you know what the un-Vegas initiated don’t know, even with cabs and rides nothing is less than a 10 minute walk.  From the front door of a hotel to a restaurant you can log more than a mile inside.

Add into that some shopping in the miles of malls within the hotels and two-million square feet of the Vegas Convention Center for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show-and well its a lot walking.  Did I mention this was a week after knee surgery?

Then there was missing my girls.

I have a great situation at home with child care right now.  Between my full-time sitter and my mom I usually have plenty of options.  But for me sometimes it’s not that easy.  I really want to be here for my children and more importantly I want them to know I am here for them.

There are times I have to do what I do for work.  I have a bunch of 1-3 day travel coming up, and then a return to Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters show in April and I will do what I have to do.  But still, there is nothing better than waking up this Saturday morning and making some fresh bread for the girls and just hanging.  The Saturday errands are on hold for now (perhaps to Sunday).  Liking it here right now.

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