Opinions, Perspectives and How We Carry It

OpinonsA couple of times over the past week I was struck by how we form opinions based on perspective and can even invoke those opinions simply based on how we decide to carry that moment.

In one case, a newly single mom I am friends with is struggling with the art of the juggle, those moments a single parent just has to roll with the changes and adjust on the fly.  It’s part skill, a lot of art and some luck mixed in.  It’s easy to sit outside the bubble and offer opinions.  To be meaningful I think (aside from being sought) they need the right perspective.


In another case, with the looming start of Passover at the top of the week I had to quickly juggle plans for night two seder at my house when an unexpected meeting popped up late in the afternoon on Tuesday.  Yeah, I can play the, “I can’t make it due to Jewish holiday card.”  But in this case, based on my perspective of the moment in time and how I want to carry it, I adjusted the seder.

One of the toughest things for me to do is pretend I am an expert, or even knowledgeable enough to share my opinion.  I struggle hard enough just to keep my house in order.  As I tell my friend, I’ve been at this a while, so while it may look easy it’s not.

But that’s just perspective.  Maybe I am a reluctant expert, or maybe my perspective lets me carry it that way.  I’m not really sure to be honest.  It maybe one of the reasons it took me more than two years to actually publish my book The Beginning of the Middle of the End of the Beginning, because who am I to offer up advice to anyone.

Well, I’m someone with opinions-a lot of them and some perspective on how I form my opinions.  Perhaps more importantly though, I know how I want to carry it and it helps me filter when I take in other opinions.

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