Older and Wiser Or Just Plain Older?

Older and WiserI recently had a chance to reconnect with some friends from my high school years.  This was not the first time we’ve gathered up, in fact one of the few upsides of Facebook is that you can reconnect with old parts of your life, and its a pleasure.  But as each of the 12 people around the table took out their phones to show off pictures of their kids I had to wonder if we’ve collectively gotten older and wiser or just plain older?

The reality is, I really do not know the answer.


When did I reach this point?

It’s not that I am not proud of my kids.  I am.  It’s not that I don’t want to show off my kids.  I do.  But the image of 12 mid-to-late 40 somethings sitting around a table exchanging phones was a deja vu moment-I can almost envision my mother (or even grandmother) pulling pictures out of their purse to show to their friends.

I’ve become a parent.

Now, I’ve been a parent for 13 years.  But now I’ve joined the club.  And somewhere the answer lies, older and wiser or just plain older?  The good news is I have a few more years to think about that.

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3 thoughts on “Older and Wiser Or Just Plain Older?

  1. The very fact that you recognize the question suggests that you are wiser. That you recognize this will require time, probably makes you a little wiser squared (on tablet cannot demonstrate I have the smarts to use numerical squared).
    It has taken me many years to gather the wisdom to know that you cannot impart wisdom without having a knock on the mind: A QUESTION.
    LOL: At dinner last night my friend whipped out 5 or 6 pictures from her granddaughter’s graduation. I chose not to whip out my phone. I’m thinking about why. There may be wisdom there…I suspect it may be to judge when to do and when not.
    OMG. I chose to respond to this entry but not so many others.

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