It’s A Generation Thing

It's a Generation ThingAs quickly as it’s gone by, my girls have had cell phones for two years now, and by and large have lived up to their commitments in mobile responsibility.  So, with the start of the school year upon us, knowing Chanukah is coming early this year and acknowledging it was time for an upgrade, my girls go back to school with new iPhone 5’s.  It’s a generation thing, and I am mostly OK with it.


Based on what I do for a living, it makes sense that my kids are over-connected.  In fact while away for a few days at the end of the summer, I met a nice grandfather trying to send a video to one of his grandchildren via his iPhone.  He did not realize how truly simple it is. My girls could have just as easily helped him out.

When you look at the generations, and I’ll go back to my mother (the girls’ grandmother), through me and to them the shifts are amazing.  From the emergence of TV in a radio world, to the downfall of print in a computer world to the rise of mobile in a connected world-from generation to generation the change is astonishing.

While getting my hair cut today I was chatting with the stylist, and we were talking about our kids (all have iPhone’s).  I commented my kids would not even know what to do if they had to make a call from a pay phone.  Her response was even more stark, “They would not even know the number,” she said.  And that is right.

It’s a generation thing.  I can remember memorizing phone numbers.  Mine, my friends, the places I worked and more.  Today, more likely than not I am not making a call.  If I do make a call, the number either needs to be in my phone or in a click to call on a website or in an app.

I don’t lament the changing times at all.  Print is going the same way as LP’s and CD’s-industries that just didn’t adapt to the change around them.  Generally, I don’t think I am that type, and I hope to instill that in my kids.

While I may a child of the digital revolution, I think for me and the girls it’s more about being part of the change and adopting generation.  It’s a generation thing for sure.

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