My Young Foodies

Burger ReviewA funny thing happened this week while out for dinner with the girls, I realized I was dining not only with my two girls, but with my young foodies.  And after laughing to myself I realized it was not so bad.

The setting was a new burger place not far from our house.  It was a rare Monday night when I was home and all of the homework was done and no one had anything to run too.  So why not try the new place?


We walked in at about a quarter to six and the place was mostly empty.  It was a Monday so I did not think much of it.  We settled in and reviewed the menu.  So my first take away is they need to revamp the way their menu is displayed.  It’s very tough to figure out.

We ordered, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.

It was easily 25 minutes after we ordered the waitress wandered by to mention dinner was still a work in progress. Odd since we ordered burgers in a burger place.

Finally, dinner showed and the young foodies started in.  13.0 determined the food was not worth the wait.  When we talked about taking the service (or lack there of) out of the equation, she determined that Five Guys was better.

10.5 weighed in next.  Apparently she was so confused by the menu she ordered the wrong burger.  She got a steamed burger and did not like it at all.  The bun was soggy and just not the experience she had in mind.  And the wait did not help.

I got a steakhouse burger (which according to the waitress caused the wait).  I ordered medium-rare and got medium-well.  I would have sent it back except 1-the fries we ordered to share showed up ice-cold and I had already sent them back and 2-I really did not have another 20+ minutes to commit to a properly cooked burger.

That said, when you back out the service, there were components of the meal the worked.  The grilled jalapeno on my burger was pretty good.  13.0’s burger was cooked properly.  Once warm fries showed up they were good.

I was willing to go back, my kids, not so much.  My young foodies have spoken.  Beers, Burgers and Deserts probably won’t see us any time soon.


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4 thoughts on “My Young Foodies

  1. First time I was there I returned a medium steakhouse burger that came, basically, raw and fell apart in my hands. For the second one I just said cook it done but don’t burn it. Came in just under raw. They DO NOT know how to use their fancy new grill. I did go back two times more….steakhouse burger again under cooked. Third time I ordered the griddled burger which, surprisingly, they didn’t mess up. Poor that they can’t even learn how to manage the heat on the new system.

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