Work Travel and the Single Dad

Tbusiness-traveloday is one of those Sunday’s.  I could be home with the girls, picking 11.0 up from her camp reunion or helping 13.5 cook dinner.  Instead I’m at JFK, getting ready to get on a plane for a week in Los Angeles.  This is where work, travel and the single dad come together.


Generally, a week in LA during the winter in NYC is not a bad thing.  And cards on the table I’ve done this before.  This is the first time though I’m out a full week since Risa passed, and I have to admit this one bothers me a little more.

I know the girls will be fine.  I know the house will be fine.  I have great systems and friends and networks in place in case something comes up.

But still, I’m not there.

There are tests, events, moments and unlike others who travel for work there is a parent there to share them with.  I guarantee this bothers me more than it does the girls but still its that point in time where I have to manage the demands of work, what goes on at home and all while I travel.

Normally, my business travel is a day sometimes two.  This time though it’s the full week, and that is kind of what is weighing on me most.

But it’s important for me to keep my job.  I need to support the house.  The girls need clothes and food.  The car needs gas and lets face it, we all like to do things.  Doing things means making the occasional sacrifice.

So, onto a plane I step, and off I go.  It’s a moment of work, travel and the single dad.  Or just call it life.

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