My Summer Vacation

My Summer VacationAs the saying goes, all good things must come to an end – and so too does my summer vacation.

While there has been a lack of updates here, there has not been a lack of things going on.  In some ways, along with the physical resting and recharging done on a summer hiatus, my summer vacation was a bit of a mental break as well.

Flashback to June – when I traded in my 4.5 year old Subaru for a Jeep on a Thursday, and took the girls to the camp bus on Saturday.  From there, my summer vacation was a series of plane rides with a few doctors visits, some painting and even some straight up down time mixed in.  All in all, for seven weeks while the girls were enjoying swimming, softball and color war – I did my best to simply turn off as much as I could while still keeping things afloat.

Somewhere between Memorial Day and the middle of June I managed to pinch a nerve in my neck – which kind of set me back some. At first I thought it was a shoulder injury which I dreaded.  Instead, it was not nearly as dreadful, but more annoying (I think) and still demanded scans, tests and twice weekly PT.  (And yes mom, I am doing fine).

Mixed around that schedule was work, which demanded quality plane time.  It wasn’t until the final week the girls were at camp that I had a week that did not involve a flight.  When not at JFK I was in the city at meetings.

Finally there was the time eeked out at the start or end of trips – which would constitute the PTO (personal time off for those not in corporate American) portion of my summer.  A great drive up the California coast from Santa Monica to Monterrey (through Big Sur).  A great few days relaxing in Nappa, quality time without rushing to meetings in San Francisco – even time to ride a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito and out to Tiburon.

And somehow in the middle of all that, I managed to paint two bathrooms in the house and reorganize the kitchen.

So yeah – I didn’t update things here, but there was a lot of updating going on.

Yeah, it was a bit fleeting, but all-in-all my summer vacation was not so bad.

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