Planning for the Unexpected – Again

planning for the unexpected againProbably the one lesson I’ve learned as a single parent more than any other is that you can plan and anticipate – and then find yourself planning for the unexpected again.  When you mix a teen ager and an about to be teen ager into the process, sometimes its a wonder that I even try to plan in the first place.

The latest example of plans, and then planning for the unexpected again came early Sunday evening when 14.5 told me she was going to try out for the school soccer team.  And practices would start Monday morning at 7.

This is the girls’ second week home from camp, and in our house it has become “their week.”  Last week both girls went to Camp Good Grief for the week – which has become a nice place for them to be.  The deal we make is after camp they have Camp Good Grief for a week, and then it’s their week – I don’t plan it out.

My plans include(d) some key work related calls and some documents I had to finish up and deliver to customers and co-workers.  I was thinking about doing another trip to the beach with the girls (we go the Wednesday of Camp Good Grief week for lobster dinner), and haircuts for back to school and back to work for me.

My thought was in between all of that would be some chaffering around, some entertaining here at the house and we would wrap it up with a BBQ on Sunday for friends and neighbors.

Then came the two-a-day soccer practice schedule.  To her credit, so far 14.5 has gotten up by 6:30 in the morning to be on the field for 7:00 practice.  She missed the Monday late practice (5-8) because we had plans to be in the city.  Tonight, she had cold pizza that 12.5 and I had at dinner.

Out are plans for the beach, grandma was going to head to the Hampton Classic with them this week and who knows what else.  The important thing though is so far, she is enjoying it – doesn’t get any better than that, right?

So bring it on.  Yeah, we have plans, and we are planning for the unexpected again too.

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