The Ski Trip

Jimminy PeakAs we head into the winter months in the Northeast – my girls and I are about to embark upon what has become one of our family rituals since it became the three of us.  The ski trip.  This is something we’ve done three of the last four years – the only year we missed was when I had both knees operated on, and not surprisingly they match exactly against our lives in a one parent home.

Although it was four years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday – Risa had passed away and the girls went back to school.  The next week I went back to work.  The next week was Christmas vacation, and there was no way I was staying in the house for more than a week with all that we had been through.  I looked at Florida, I looked at Jamaica, I looked at California.  None of them as a last minute trip in December made sense.  But skiing did.

I had talked about skiing with my kids the year before – but because of the state of flux we were living in then, we couldn’t go.  I had skied for years before 14.5 was born.  But at that time, had not skied in 10 years  The girls were into it though.

With an invite from my cousin – we rented skis on Black Friday in 2010 and that Saturday set off for skiing.

I put the girls in lessons with their cousins.  I set out to recapture any level of skiing I could and we had a great weekend.

With the exception of the year I was recovering from surgery to both knees – we’ve skied every year since.  So, this year, with more than a foot falling as I type in the Berkshires at Jimminy Peak we’ll head out tomorrow afternoon to ski for the weekend.

This year will be a little different though.  14.5 is going to snowboard. So I have to put her back into lessons.  12.0 is bringing a friend.  So my hope is she and the friend will ski together, 14.5 will work on her snowboarding and I can ski for fun.  We’ll have a lot of together time as we spend the weekend at the mountain.

The ski trip is on.  First of the season.  More to follow.  See you on the mountain.

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