Moments Shared Are What They Are – Golden

family timeAs the father of two teenaged girls, I’m pretty happy my kids are still willing to do things with me.  I speak to other parents – single parents, only parents (like me) and married couples who have kids about the same ages as mine and the time they are able to do things with their kids is limited.  Every parent knows, those shared moments are simply golden.

If you saw the girls and me recently on the Steve Harvey show, the answer that elicited laughs from the studio audience and friends was when they asked 15.0 what she did with her dad.  The answer was, “Well, we go to hockey games.”

If you missed the Steve Harvey show, here’s a link to the video:

I’m honest enough with myself to realize that we don’t do a lot of girly things together (although I have gone with the girls and gotten a pedicure while they had manicures).  But there is a pretty healthy list of golden moments we share:

  1. We’ve gone to dozens and dozens of hockey games.  Sometimes we go together, often is me and one girl, but it’s time we spend together.
  2. Four out of the last five years we’ve gone skiing.  The only winter we missed was when I blew out both knees.
  3. Over Mother’s Day weekend this year we completed our second Survival Race as a family.
  4. In two weeks we’re all going to run through our hometown in the Joe Keany 5K
  5. As of today – the three of us are all members of the same gym.
  6. We’ve seen more than a few Broadway Shows over the last few years.

Yeah, we don’t do a lot of shopping, and we have not hosted high-tea often but we do a lot together.  I suppose I’ll find out in the next 7-10 years if these are the “right” things or if I should have been more attentive to nail colors and hair styles.  For now though, the girls and I have moments shared – and they’re golden.

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