Balancing Time, Expectations and Reality

balancing expectationsIt’s about the mid-point in the part of the summer where he girls are away at camp – and my list of things I want to get done really has not done any shrinking.  It’s probably what I face each summer trying to balance time, expectations and reality to accomplish all my summer goals.

For some reason though this year it seems to be going a little slower.  I’ve had a bit more travel at the start of the summer, and I’ve had more work deadlines that usual – but still the list is not getting any shorter.

I think I realized my conundrum today when it took me more than 10 hours to go from making sauce to putting a lasagna in the oven.  Granted, not everyone starts a lasagna by making sauce first – but I do.  So, if you start there (it’s about a three-hour process), that 10 and a half hours is a little exorbitant.

Granted, in between I did two product demos, four calls and helped trouble shoot a compatibility issue.  But still, it’s the perfect metaphor for simply being way behind where I should be in the summer.

I go through both girls’ rooms in the summer – get rid of a lot of crap and give them at least for a day when they get home from camp a clean start.  It doesn’t stay that way long, but I can say I did what I could.  On top of that, I have a few home projects I am trying to get done – which are barely at the scratch the surface level.

There are three weeks to go – so free time will be the medium I use to get things done as I try balancing time, expectations and reality – or simply get some shit done.

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