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Seinfeld MomentsMuch like Seinfeld back in the 90’s was a TV show about nothing, this will be a blog post about nothing.  Readers, you have been warned.

Over the weekend when we had the great Blizzard of 2016, I spent 9 hours or so live blogging the storm.  Just posting seemingly random updates to a single blog thread.  Looking back, some had some form of information in them, most did not.

For me, it was an exercise in writing.  For the first time in a really long time (perhaps every) I had achieved a near total case of writer’s block.  It’s been a few months since I’ve worked on my current book project.  It was weeks in between blog updates.  And I was struggling with the hybrid technical writing/presentation style I need to leverage for work.  I really can not recall an issue like that ever happening.

So, I went a little extreme and just set about writing sentences that loosely hung together.  The nice thing about doing during a large winter storm, with a leaning toward the “wussification” of at least New York State if not the country – I had a captive audience.  So thank you for bearing with me during this period where as Islander’s coach Jack Capuano would say, “he just has to work through it.”

Onto the “wussification” which I think is a pretty big issue.

First in my house – I realized last night as I was heading out to pick up a pizza, neither of my kids had ventured outside into the snow over the weekend.  We had more than two feet of snow at our house – and they were content to sit around and binge watch random stuff on Netflix.

Probably a sign of the times – but even at 15 and 13 there is no way I would sit out a storm when I was growing up.  Not that the good old days of drinking from garden hoses was so much better, but it didn’t have that “wussification” feel.

Then came the robo-call from the school district last night.  Two-hour delayed start to the school day.  I couldn’t believe it.  The snow had stopped in the wee-hours of Sunday morning.  I had been out a couple of times during the day (and I was at the gym at 6 this morning).  There were no issues.

The problem the district was trying to solve was “what if there is overnight freezing of melted snow.”  Guess what, for as long as it’s been snowing in NYS, there has been overnight re-freezing of melting snow.  I can’t recall EVER having a delayed start to school growing up  Another moment where “wussification” wins out over drinking from the garden hose.

That’s fine though – because it gives this blog post about nothing something of a payoff for those who didn’t heed the early warning.  Thanks.  A sneak peek – now that th e 70+ degree Christmas break is a distant memory and it feels like winter, I’m gearing up for the annual Cupid Undie Run in NYC.  you’ll see more here and get email from me, or you can get out in front and donate now here.

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One thought on “Blog Post About Nothing

  1. Truth…i read this blog earlier and chose to mull it over before reacting. Was i having a problem with wussification or Seinfeld’s nothingness? So i quickly decided that Seinfeld and Eth can make nothingness something juxt by writing about it. But, i also realized, just as with so many things, we do not all agree on what is nothing. Indeed, it is a matter of perceptions. Wussiness has the same property, perception, …..and, it is also a generational issue. Your fixation on the garden hose in this blog dates you. My goodness…you know about typewriters, dial phones, and slew of other antiques that kids may see in a museum. Just you wait Henry Higgins…there will be more differences between growing up that you remember and what it is today.

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