A Few Quiet Moments

A Few Quiet MomentsAlthough it wasn’t by (my) design – I had the house to myself last night.  But it’s a few quiet moments this morning – while the girls are sleeping upstairs that seems more relaxing to me.

Maybe it’s because I’m a little better rested this morning.  Maybe it’s because I’m not in a flurry of text messages with the girls over who is where and when they are coming home….

Or maybe it’s because I tend to be a morning person (now).

There was a time when I was able to sleep well past 10 in the morning.  Now sleeping to 830 is sleeping in for me.  But that time has become some of the most productive of the day for me.

Whether I am out getting the weekly food shopping done, getting to the gym, heading out to the trails for a bike ride or a run – or simply catching up – getting a few quiet moments in the day isn’t so bad.

Despite having those moments last night – there is no way to gauge the productivity as I sat on the couch watching Chopped and hockey.

So, coffee at my side I get some writing done here and on a few work projects (even on a Sunday) and try to figure out how else to make use of a few quiet moments – before getting into the crux of the day.

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Chopping Away

Venturing to where no relationship (of mine) has gone in the past (although it’s a relatively small sample size), Health Club Girl and I did a meeting of our children a few days ago.  In not so unusual circumstance for me, I tried to read up on best practices and get some insight from others who had trodden down this path.

Unfortunately, most of the advice out there was pretty bad.  So, HCG and I went with heart and tried to make it fun and easy for the kids.  The upside is we had success.

First off, timing wise, HCG and I seemed based on blog reading and family pundit “experts” to be doing this early.  It felt like the right time though, so we decided to head down the path.

Rather than simply putting the kids together to play or sit down to dinner, we made it interactive and were able to include a shared passion we have and involve all four of our kids.

Since we both like to cook and are both self-proclaimed foodies, HCG and I staged a modified episode of the Food Network show Chopped with our kids.  First the four girls descended upon a local food store to buy four ingredients that would be in our “Chopped basket.”  She and I would then have 10 minutes to pick up staples we would use along with other pantry items already in her kitchen.

HCG and I sat down in a market cafe while the girls shopped with my credit card.  They came back with 1.5 pounds of scallops for each of us to cook.  Two jars each of apple-banana baby food, two artichokes and a box of oyster crackers.

After HCG and I did some quick shopping we hit the kitchen with our older girls (hers 13.5 and mine 12) as our sous chefs.  The younger girls decided to play together and relax-which was fine, no pressure.

At the end of the night, HCG won with a scallop and pasta dish, edging out my pan-fried scallops and bacon.  The side dishes I think is what won it for her-but in the end, the awkward part of our girls knowing one another was finished.  The night ended sitting around a table at a local ice cream place with all the girls deep into bowls of ice cream and toppings.

Win all the way around.

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