Blog Post About Nothing

Seinfeld MomentsMuch like Seinfeld back in the 90’s was a TV show about nothing, this will be a blog post about nothing.  Readers, you have been warned.

Over the weekend when we had the great Blizzard of 2016, I spent 9 hours or so live blogging the storm.  Just posting seemingly random updates to a single blog thread.  Looking back, some had some form of information in them, most did not.

For me, it was an exercise in writing.  For the first time in a really long time (perhaps every) I had achieved a near total case of writer’s block.  It’s been a few months since I’ve worked on my current book project.  It was weeks in between blog updates.  And I was struggling with the hybrid technical writing/presentation style I need to leverage for work.  I really can not recall an issue like that ever happening.

So, I went a little extreme and just set about writing sentences that loosely hung together.  The nice thing about doing during a large winter storm, with a leaning toward the “wussification” of at least New York State if not the country – I had a captive audience.  So thank you for bearing with me during this period where as Islander’s coach Jack Capuano would say, “he just has to work through it.”

Onto the “wussification” which I think is a pretty big issue.

First in my house – I realized last night as I was heading out to pick up a pizza, neither of my kids had ventured outside into the snow over the weekend.  We had more than two feet of snow at our house – and they were content to sit around and binge watch random stuff on Netflix.

Probably a sign of the times – but even at 15 and 13 there is no way I would sit out a storm when I was growing up.  Not that the good old days of drinking from garden hoses was so much better, but it didn’t have that “wussification” feel.

Then came the robo-call from the school district last night.  Two-hour delayed start to the school day.  I couldn’t believe it.  The snow had stopped in the wee-hours of Sunday morning.  I had been out a couple of times during the day (and I was at the gym at 6 this morning).  There were no issues.

The problem the district was trying to solve was “what if there is overnight freezing of melted snow.”  Guess what, for as long as it’s been snowing in NYS, there has been overnight re-freezing of melting snow.  I can’t recall EVER having a delayed start to school growing up  Another moment where “wussification” wins out over drinking from the garden hose.

That’s fine though – because it gives this blog post about nothing something of a payoff for those who didn’t heed the early warning.  Thanks.  A sneak peek – now that th e 70+ degree Christmas break is a distant memory and it feels like winter, I’m gearing up for the annual Cupid Undie Run in NYC.  you’ll see more here and get email from me, or you can get out in front and donate now here.

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Happy Holidays, There I Said It

Happy HolidaysAs the holiday season creeps closer and closer to the end of summer, so does the never-ending (and mostly inane) discussion about Christ, Christmas, holiday greetings and simply anything and everything that has nothing to do with the season.  Even though the pumpkins are still on the steps and the turkey hasn’t been sliced, happy holidays.  There I said it.  Now what?

As a guideline (short of a rule) I avoid politics and religion on this blog – largely because I firmly believe it’s no one’s business what I think about either.  However, the garbage spewed about Starbucks and the holiday cups is just too much (OK maybe I spent too much time on social media today).  Whatever.  I am done already – so happy holidays.  There I said it, again.

Without a discussion of Christ in Christmas (or how a mall dresses up the area where Santa sits), or when Hanukkah Harry will show up, or if Dr. Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga is truly the originator of Kwanza – can we all just agree that the holidays are a time for us to reflect on the good fortune in our lives.

None of us live the storybook, but one time a year we’re all in better than normal cheer and its a time of year where you feel like almost anything can happen.  Why cloud the moment with a narrative of forced religion wrapped in oblique symbolism?

I won’t.  Happy holidays, there I said it again.

If I see you after Thanksgiving, if we talk before the end of the year or maybe (but highly unlikely) I’ll send out cards.  I won’t try to guess if you’re Jewish like me, Catholic or African-American.  Instead, with heartfelt pleasure I’ll say to you, “Happy holidays,” there I said it again.  Now what?

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Movie Review: The Interview

The InterviewChristmas Day – for the girls and me is usually Chinese and movies.  It’s a cliché I wrote about last year.  This year didn’t follow the whole script – but we did end the day in a theatre – so you get an exclusive Dad the Single Guy movie review of The Interview.

First, the Christmas script changed somewhat this year.  The changes started with a long-standing stain on the kitchen ceiling that while I was making latkes for Chanukah I decided I could not live with anymore.  So I took on a paining project in the kitchen – which was a two-day undertaking.

With the kitchen painted, new lights hung – and the three of us starving instead of the usual Chinese buffet we headed out for a friend’s house and some home-made lasagna (and I’ll admit it good scotch and just relaxing some).

But the movie was still on tap – and my girls were all about seeing The Interview because of all the controversy with Sony over the film.  So, the 930 viewing is the one we settled in for.

So the movie – and I have to admit, I actually wanted to see this movie before all the terror threats and pulling it out of theaters.  For anyone who knows me, its rare that I want to see a movie – and the upside is it did not fail to deliver.

The Interview is a funny movie.  The plot line is completely unrealistic.  The “cinema” is cut-rate at best.  The special effects are far from believable – but put together the movie is just funny, and that’s OK.

You kind of wonder why (if its true) Kim Jong Un would actually even care – much less beat his chest and make threats.

I was in the theatre with a 14.5 year old and a 12-year-old, and there were some moments I could have lived without them experiencing – but they were few and far between.  There is also some gratuitous (in every sense of the word) violence, which doesn’t even further the plot (such as it is).

But if you’re looking to kick back, laugh out loud and just escape for 90 minutes – it’s well worth the investment, and if true, the great leader of North Korea is upset about it.  Movie review of The Interview – go see it, why not?

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Christmas Day – What’s a Jew to Do?

Chinese Say Thank YouMovies and Chinese food is the answer.  But how did that become the thing to do on Christmas Day? And exactly how did my life become so cliché? After all, its Christmas Day, so what’s a jew to do?

For starters, short of sitting at home and watching movies the combination of movies and Chinese food are about the only things open on Christmas Day.  The roots for this were set early on based on how to kill a day.

I can remember back when Risa and I were dating going to a multiplex with her parents.  For them, it was a day-long endeavor.  They would walk theater to theatre, never seeing a full movie, but sampling 10 or more.  From there it was off to the Chinese take out (egg foo young was one of the must haves).

Fast forward into our lives.  I can remember living in Dallas going with Risa to the movies on Christmas Day.  There was not Chinese food though, in the Big-D, it was tex-mex (which is actually preferable).

But the tradition truly set in eight or so years ago when 13.5 learned the stereotype.  The expectation now is on Christmas Day there will be movies and Chinese.

In our case, we’ve enhanced the tradition from straight up take out to the Chinese buffet (its our annual trip to the buffet).

So, this Christmas Day, we will set out.  This year there will be different movies for 11.0 and 13.5 and then there will be Chinese buffet.

So, this Christmas Day, what’s a Jew to do?  The answer seems pre-ordained.

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