The Rigged Election Insult

rigged-electionsGenerally speaking, I try to avoid politics as much as possible in this blog – for a bunch of reasons including there are so many other places for that, there is no upside to being political sometimes and generally everyone has an opinion.  However during this election cycle, since my kids are talking about this a lot in school – one recurring theme bothers me; the talk of a rigged election is an insult to everyone.

Rather than getting into the politics of the candidates or their positions – I’d rather look at the sentiment of standing before the American people and telling them (with a mostly straight face) that the electoral process is rigged (one way or another).

It’s insulting to hear someone striving to become the president of the United States say our election process – which thousands have died to protect – is rigged.  It’s self-sustaining hubris to even take that as a position.

I live in a state where there is no “early voting”  In fact, I had never even heard of early voting until Risa and I moved to Texas in 1997 – and while in Texas, the state legislature there in what it said was an attempt to stop voter fraud enacted ID rules at polling places that have since been mimicked around the country.  The goal of these laws was to stop voter fraud – you know, rigging an election.

When I vote, I refuse to sign any additional paper other than the official registry.  That is my commitment to voting – signing the registry and casting my ballot.  One man, one vote.  In a couple of years 16.5 will be able to vote, and I expect her to follow suit.

But how does a candidate think it’s OK to say the election is rigged?  Because the don’t like what is said about them on TV?  That’s not a reason to claim I and everyone else who goes to vote is taking part in a fraud.  In fact, by my reading of election law in New York State would make me a felon – to knowingly cast a vote in a rigged election.  Is that what I am being accused of?

It’s a bad argument.  In fact, talk of the rigged election is an insult to us all.

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None of the Above

I am going to interrupt the usual pitter-patter of this blog to go on a political rant here for a moment.  My apologies to those who don’t care and thanks for those who will make it through this rant.

I am putting it out there now-if you are an incumbent and running for re-election, you are minus one vote right now.  So from President Obama to Congressman Bishop to Assemblyman Losquadro to State Senator Lavalle down to the county and town people-none of you go back to your day jobs with my blessing.

And I reached this conclusion after for a very short time thinking about becoming politically active myself.

No one needs me to tell them that the political system in this country-at every level of government is broken and it needs people doing more than looking to fill patronage jobs and pad a war chest to fix it.

The issue is not gas prices as Allen West, clearly a mensa member from Florida who holds the job of congressman would have us believe.  No, the $70 you spent to fill you gas tank is not the problem.  The problem Mr. West, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Schumer, Ms Gillibrand is looking you back in the mirror.  None of you wants to take responsibility.

And so, I will not give you my one opportunity at voicing my responsibility.  None of you gets my vote.  I don’t care if I agree with everything you stand for-none of you can do your job and therefore do not deserve to go back to work on my dime.

So, we have reached the point where dysfunction has become the new norm-and it’s not a system that works.  There is too much at stake for my kids and me.  Decisive action is needed that transcends the imaginary lines of political parties, ideology and whether you like the person sitting next to you or not.

So when November rolls around, if others are willing, none of you will be returning to work-and perhaps the people who replace you will be willing to take action and represent us and not their own “special” interests.

And we now return to the usual pitter-patter of my blog.

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