Those F’ing Shoes

Those F'ing Shoes


One of the reasons I like Zappos so much is its customer service – and after finally having a chance to speak with Zappos customer service – there is a happy ending.  They are exchanging the pair of shoes that ripped up my feet with a new (and larger) pair.  No questions asked.

<original post 1/23/2015>

I walked in the door tonight, and the first thing I did was kick off my new shoes.  Those F’ing shoes, I had to get them off my feet.

From the historical perspective – I’m a dude, and I don’t like to shop, ever.  For the girls, I tend to suck it up and make it happen.  For me, it’s all about point and click, and the merchandise shows up at my front door.  Enter, which is where I’ve bought my shoes for more than two years.

For work, this is pretty much two pair of shoes.  But it also includes running shoes, casual shoes and one-off shoes (or boots) for the girls.  Never have I had a problem.  I input my size, pick the style and the shoes show up on my porch.  If I don’t like them I send them back.

Then came those F’ing shoes.  In full disclosure, I ordered three pairs of shoes intending to keep one and send two back – its pretty simple with Zappos, I reuse their box and they pay for shipping.

So the three shoes show up, I try them on and pick the pair I think I like. I have no idea what I was thinking.  Those F’ing shoes are too small.

The highlight of my day was when a friend told me, “Now you know what women feel like with high heels.”  There is no way that is possible, and if it is, than I have no sympathy.  Those F’ing shoes hurt my feet.  I could not imagine picking out a pair of shoes that hurt my feet and thinking, “well they look good so I’ll make them work.”

Should Zappos do key word, those F’ing shoes are coming back your way, I’ll never wear them again.

Women – if you are really buying shoes that don’t fit for fashion sense, more power to you I guess.  But let’s be real too, why?  After spending a day in the city in shoes that were too small, all I could imagine coming through the door on a wintry night was kicking them off.  There is no way anyone would subject themselves to this punishment for fashion.  I’d rather wear my flip-flops to meetings before going through a day like today again.

Those F’ing shoes are back in the box, ready to go back to Zappos.  I’ll shop for new ones tomorrow, for now my feet are just resting—ahhhhhhhhhh.

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