Lost Luggage

lost-luggageThere are times life prepares you for a moment – sometimes you just have to wait 22 years for that moment.  For me, dealing with lost luggage was exactly that moment and I think I got the preparation for it 22 years ago.

Business took me to Amsterdam last week for the International Broadcast Conference (IBC).  Because of the way work goes, I had to change my plans a few days before I left – so my direct flight from NYC to Amsterdam became a connection through Washington, DC and a change in airlines from Delta to KLM.

The good news is I made it to JFK in plenty of time, an easy walk through Dulles followed and a pretty smooth overnight flight to Amsterdam got me on the ground at about 730AM – not well rested but ready for the day.  The plan was to grab my bag from the carousel, head to the hotel, hopefully shower, change and head to the RAI Center where IBC happens.

Problem is my bag did not have the simple transfer I had.  As best I could tell it never got out of Dulles.

Twenty-two or so years ago, when Risa and I took our first ever trip together – a cruise that left from Florida around Mexico and back our bags were lost too.  That is the last time until last week my bags got lost.  Not a bad track record.  Of course in that time I’ve become good at packing the carry on and limiting my chances for loss by flying direct.

For anyone who’s had to face this you know the drill.  Fill out some paperwork with the airline and hope for the best.

In this case though, I am on business travel.  All I have for clothing is a pair of Levi’s I’m wearing and a golf shirt I packed to pull on once the plane landed in Amsterdam.  I got lucky in that my hotel was built as part of a shopping mall – so before I headed to the RAI Center I headed to the mall and did some shopping.

This is where the flashback occurred.  Suddenly it was circa 1995 and Risa and I were busy looking for underwear in stores on Key West.  Back then I remember regretting the things I didn’t buy the first day – deodorant, a second t-shirt, a second pair of socks.  That training 22 years ago prepared me for the day.

It turns out my big issue with this battle of lost luggage was finding a pair of pants in downtown Amsterdam that would fit on my American hockey sized legs – since they were cut for Dutch men who ski.

I failed on the pants, got the extra things I needed – and was able to learn from that lost luggage lesson 22 years ago.  Call it a win and move on to the next.

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My Summer Vacation

My Summer VacationAs the saying goes, all good things must come to an end – and so too does my summer vacation.

While there has been a lack of updates here, there has not been a lack of things going on.  In some ways, along with the physical resting and recharging done on a summer hiatus, my summer vacation was a bit of a mental break as well.

Flashback to June – when I traded in my 4.5 year old Subaru for a Jeep on a Thursday, and took the girls to the camp bus on Saturday.  From there, my summer vacation was a series of plane rides with a few doctors visits, some painting and even some straight up down time mixed in.  All in all, for seven weeks while the girls were enjoying swimming, softball and color war – I did my best to simply turn off as much as I could while still keeping things afloat.

Somewhere between Memorial Day and the middle of June I managed to pinch a nerve in my neck – which kind of set me back some. At first I thought it was a shoulder injury which I dreaded.  Instead, it was not nearly as dreadful, but more annoying (I think) and still demanded scans, tests and twice weekly PT.  (And yes mom, I am doing fine).

Mixed around that schedule was work, which demanded quality plane time.  It wasn’t until the final week the girls were at camp that I had a week that did not involve a flight.  When not at JFK I was in the city at meetings.

Finally there was the time eeked out at the start or end of trips – which would constitute the PTO (personal time off for those not in corporate American) portion of my summer.  A great drive up the California coast from Santa Monica to Monterrey (through Big Sur).  A great few days relaxing in Nappa, quality time without rushing to meetings in San Francisco – even time to ride a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito and out to Tiburon.

And somehow in the middle of all that, I managed to paint two bathrooms in the house and reorganize the kitchen.

So yeah – I didn’t update things here, but there was a lot of updating going on.

Yeah, it was a bit fleeting, but all-in-all my summer vacation was not so bad.

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