Shared Experience

My kids have had their first Grateful Dead experience – and it was a success.  We shared the experience last night at Madison Square Garden as Dead and Company covered three hours or so of material.  As we were heading home, I realized this is just the latest in the shared experience my girls and I have.

Through academic achievement, school performance and athletic endeavor, my girls have allowed me to share in the experience of their lives.  Seeing their conquests and even some disappointment as time has gone along.

And since Risa passed away (nearly seven years ago) the girls and I have shared experiences – starting with skiing in the weeks after the funeral.  We’ve been able to enjoy that for years (even though 15.0 “retired” from the sport last winter).  We’ve done mud-runs together, vacationed together and celebrated life events together.

That shared experience I hope is a bond that the girls can count on – because as we rip days off the calendar this school year, we get closer to 17.0 going away to school.  Whether we’re ready for that or not – the day will come and we’ll have another shared experience (albeit this one apart).


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New Routes on the Roads Once Traveled

Dead and CompanyTwo events this weekend made me realize that you can re-travel old roads, but as time marches forward, there are new routes to take.  My Halloween weekend was spent at Madison Square Garden in New York City re-acclimating with the Grateful Dead experience.  13.0 without knowing it, headed down a road once traveled too – she too on a new route.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time since 1995 I saw more than one member of the original Grateful Dead at a show.  Dead and Company did two shows at MSG and my Facebook timeline is filled with images of the night.  Sunday night we went out for dinner before the show – back in the 80’s, even in NYC, that would mean some kind of hot dog or falafel.

In 2015 the new routes on the road once traveled to the Dead wound through a nice little tapas restaurant in Chelsea – where we encountered several other tables of folks dining before the show.  Much different from the last time I saw a show.

Before the show Sunday night started, I checked in via text with the girls and 13.0 told me she started watching a new show on Netflix – Lost.

Maybe it was the nostalgia of the weekend, but I thought back to that show, and not because I every watched it.  Instead, it’s the last show I can remember Risa watching regularly.  When the show premiered in 2004 I was communitng five days a week to the city, and my schedule was all over the place – so I could not commit to watching a weekly serialized show.  At the time, our DVR was filled with whatever shows the girls were watching then (Dora?), so I never picked up on the show.

Netflix though is the new route for the road once traveled for TV as well.  All that is old, is available for streaming and binge watching – much like the Grateful Dead experience, very different from it was so many years ago.

I’ll call these new experiences, even though they are very familiar.  Afterall, we’re on a new route too, one that started nearly five years ago – and sometimes the new routes are on the roads once traveled.

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This new year’s day (like others) I’m able to catch up with some of great TV shows that pre-date even my youth but I fondly recall from my youth.  Some 12 hours after the last guest left from our small party, I’ve been flipping between Honeymooners (on WPIX in NYC) and The Odd Couple (channel 10 in NYC) and loving it.  My girls not so much.

These shows, along with Twilight Zone (Sy-Fy) are in their annual outing.  364 days before the next marathon.  Being a product of the TV generation, I remember watching these shows over and over in the early days of what I learned in college was TV syndication.

There are a myriad of arcane TV rules as to why these shows get rolled out once a year, and you can go Google that if you are so inclined.

What is striking to me though is how little my girls have an interest in any of this.  They aren’t even humoring me today.  One is on the computer playing Roblox.  The other is on the iPad updating her SIMMS.

Now being the product of the digital age, I know what these things are too.

As for the shows, being children of the digital revolution, my girls would not appreciate these shows until they were on Netflix or have an app.

I can still recite the shows (especially Honeymooners) line for line.  Maybe my generation is the end of the line for these shows-like some shows ended with my generation (Ed Sullivan I think is a good example).  I guess for my girls, Futurama, My Name is Earl and Malcolm in the Middle are the new Honeymooners, Odd Couple and Gilligan’s Island.

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