Cupid Undie Run Time Again

Please contribute:

Now that there is snow on the ground and temperatures have been closer to February like here in NYC – it must be time to strip down to my underwear and take to the streets of New York.  Yes it’s Cupid undie run time again.

If you’re new to my blog or to the run take a look at some of the pics on my Instagram (feel free to throw a like or a follow as well).  Then check back on February 13th as I’ll be adding more pics then.

The Cupid Underwear Run is a charity event raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation – so I am asking you to help and contribute.  Here is my personal page for contributions.  So you know I’ll also be matching the first $200 contributed this year through my company DTSG, LLC.

The logical question is why would I strip to my underwear and run around NYC?

As most of you know, Risa was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1997 and lived a productive life until her death in five years ago.  During that time, I saw first hand the damage a tumor can do to the human body and spirit.  As a parent, I can’t even begin to contemplate what it would be like to see my child suffering.  The nice thing about the underwear run is 100% of the money raised goes to CTF – there is no administration board to pay.
Look for pics on my Instagram next week – and please contribute.  It’s Cupid Underwear Run time once again.

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The Project to Get the Project Done

Starting Wednesday, I’m going to tackle full force the major home projects I was going to take on this summer.  This involves painting three rooms, a new floor, a new door and eventually some new TV’s.  Of course to get all of this done, requires a separate project-because I actually have to pick out the colors, the finish, the TV’s, the mountings etc.

It’s crazy.  It’s like living in a Seinfeld routine, “Did you ever try to buy some paint?”

Part of this is on me, because I really did not have the priority list set up early enough to get input.  There are probably a dozen or so other projects in and around the house that I was considering, so in order to paint the girls’ rooms I am doing this without their input on colors-which given my patience is a good thing.

So early Saturday morning off I went to Loewe’s and made a minor investment in small jars of paint to throw on the walls to see if they would work for me.  The good news is I got two out of three right.  The bad news is, I still have to go get the gallon of each color.

Then there is the wood floor.  Now admittedly, I know nothing on the subject matter, which clearly did not help.  I did know (through trial and error) that I can not match the existing wood floors in the house-all wood is not equal, in the flooring world it’s all about the batch, and who knew it was so highly specialized.

So, now I have to go way out in a different direction (or strip and re-stain all the floors, yeah that seems like a likely scenario, right?).   Certainly, it was news to me that there was such a thing as gunstock in the color palate, much less shades of it.

Finally though, the project of getting ready for the project is done-except for getting the pain and moving all the crap out of the rooms about to be worked on.  At least I’ll have something to keep busy with the next couple of nights.

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