A Few Quiet Moments

A Few Quiet MomentsAlthough it wasn’t by (my) design – I had the house to myself last night.  But it’s a few quiet moments this morning – while the girls are sleeping upstairs that seems more relaxing to me.

Maybe it’s because I’m a little better rested this morning.  Maybe it’s because I’m not in a flurry of text messages with the girls over who is where and when they are coming home….

Or maybe it’s because I tend to be a morning person (now).

There was a time when I was able to sleep well past 10 in the morning.  Now sleeping to 830 is sleeping in for me.  But that time has become some of the most productive of the day for me.

Whether I am out getting the weekly food shopping done, getting to the gym, heading out to the trails for a bike ride or a run – or simply catching up – getting a few quiet moments in the day isn’t so bad.

Despite having those moments last night – there is no way to gauge the productivity as I sat on the couch watching Chopped and hockey.

So, coffee at my side I get some writing done here and on a few work projects (even on a Sunday) and try to figure out how else to make use of a few quiet moments – before getting into the crux of the day.

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Let the Girls Be Girls

CurlersOne of the toughest lessons for me to learn as a single father of two girls is that sometimes I just have to let the girls be girls.  As hard as it is for me to do, I can’t treat them like one of the boys, they just have to be the girls they are.

For a long time now, I have been out of what they wear to school (as long as it’s acceptable by community standard).  I don’t argue with them about hair styles or lengths and nail polish designs are all theres.


But then came Wednesday night, and the irony was more than I could handle so I spoke up.

13.5 can spend an hour in the morning working on her hair.  Straightening, braiding who knows what she can do.  But never is there curling.  Wednesday night, curlers went into her hair.

Now the good news is for whatever reason, removing the curlers took 40 minutes less than the straightening and preening normally does.  Let the girls be girls.  I complimented her hair, it looked good.


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Another Edition: The Things We Do

So here it is just after 5 in the morning.  Now my being up now is not something out of the ordinary.  Usually I am about half through my daily visit to the gym at this point.

But today is different.

I deferred the gym to drag my old couch and oversized chair out to the curb for collection.  I’m getting some new (to us) furniture over the weekend from a recently married friend who is consolidating.  Here in my community they’ll do that type of pick up on Thursday, and I can’t take it out to the curb before Wednesday night.

So, weighing out the options-the alarm sounded at 4:15 as usual.  I pulled on shorts and a sweatshirt as usual.  And instead of lift day at the gym and some treadmill sprints, I dragged the furniture out to the curb.

Oh the things we do.

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Science Fair Post-Script and a Saturday Morning

We made a walk through the school science fair last night.  In our school district, the school they are in goes third to fifth grade, and all of the students have to do a science fair project.  Figuring 200 or so kids per grade, there were well more than 600 science fair projects on display at the school.

The good news, I think that pennies in our community will be well shined, as there was no shortage of which citrus acid will shine a penny best project.  My other take-away, which I tried and failed to explain to the girls, they at least learned something scientific from their projects-and that was in short supply.

And I understand how and why the school has backed itself into this corner, where every student has to do a science fair project and they all can’t be super science sleuth.  But the extensive list of tried and true projects that comes home when the work is assigned makes copping out too easy.  Although it was interesting to see in a class of 25, where five people did which gum blows the biggest bubble, there was no clear-cut winner.  I would think, scientifically speaking there should be.

The girls from concept to presentation were able to hold their own on their projects.  There were some really good ones-a study of which mollusks from Sound do better at cleaning water (mussels), shore erosion on the bluff at the sound, the effects of second-hand smoke by studying plants, and the girls were able to hold their own in that crowd.

Onto a Saturday morning.  The non-chore chores continue, and while there is some cutting corners, the girls are on board.  I will keep this up, as it’s as close as I am able to get to chores with them for right now.  One thing is clear though, no way 8.0 does Friday night sleepovers any longer.  She is in full on ‘tude mode.

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