Cupid Undie Run Time Again

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Now that there is snow on the ground and temperatures have been closer to February like here in NYC – it must be time to strip down to my underwear and take to the streets of New York.  Yes it’s Cupid undie run time again.

If you’re new to my blog or to the run take a look at some of the pics on my Instagram (feel free to throw a like or a follow as well).  Then check back on February 13th as I’ll be adding more pics then.

The Cupid Underwear Run is a charity event raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation – so I am asking you to help and contribute.  Here is my personal page for contributions.  So you know I’ll also be matching the first $200 contributed this year through my company DTSG, LLC.

The logical question is why would I strip to my underwear and run around NYC?

As most of you know, Risa was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1997 and lived a productive life until her death in five years ago.  During that time, I saw first hand the damage a tumor can do to the human body and spirit.  As a parent, I can’t even begin to contemplate what it would be like to see my child suffering.  The nice thing about the underwear run is 100% of the money raised goes to CTF – there is no administration board to pay.
Look for pics on my Instagram next week – and please contribute.  It’s Cupid Underwear Run time once again.

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Another Undie Run is Done

Cupid Undie Run 2015As Howie Rose says after a Mets win, “Put it in the books,” another undie run is done – all things being equal I’ll be back at it again next year.

For those who have missed out on this moment of the calendar – the Cupid Undie Run is an annual event done around the country in the weeks around Valentine’s Day.  In NYC, this of course is the dead of winter.  As a reminder, a small snow shower was in progress as I arrived at the starting line on 48th Street around 1230 Saturday.  By the time the run started, the snow had stopped – but the temperatures fell.

Which makes it the perfect time to strip down to your underwear and scamper along the Hudson River.  I clocked this year’s course at just over a mile (some years it’s a little longer, some years it’s a little shorter).

Unlike the turkey trot 5k or New Year’s Eve 5k I did with 14.5 over the last few months – the Cupid Undie Run is a fun run.  It starts and ends in a bar, and is as much a celebration of the season as it is a run – it’s certainly not physically challenging.

The undie run though is a fundraiser for the Children’s Tumor Foundation – and through the help of my family and friends and my company, I was able to raise $435 for this charity this year.  I heard at the event in NYC more than $15,000 was raised – which is a great number.

Feel free to check out my Instagram for some more pictures and videos from the day.  For 2015, another undie run is done.  Hopefully I’ll see you on the cold streets of NYC in 2016 for the next undie run.

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Cupid Undie Run Time

From the 2014 Cupid's Undie Run in NYC

From the 2014 Cupid’s Undie Run in NYC

Now that the calendar has turned to 2015, and the temperatures in the Northeast will begin their annual drop to the single digits to teens, we’ve reached Cupid Undie Run time.  Yes, that annual mile or so scamper through New York City’s streets clad in underwear.

This is the third year I’ll be doing this fun run – which raises money to help fight childhood cancers.

Anyone who knows the story of my family knows how cancer changed it forever.  While it was not childhood cancer, I can think of no place better to wage the battle on cancer than fighting for  children who have their lives in front of them and are battling cancers so early in life.

There was nothing more important to Risa than our children – and making sure they were raised healthy and in a loving home.  I do my best to supply the latter, and do all I can to assure the former.

It’s a fun day in the city – and I encourage everyone to sign up and strip down.  Check out my Instagram (and feel free to throw a like or follow) if you want to see some of last year’s fun, or track this year’s event next month.

And if you can’t make the run (we’ll step off on February 7th) – I hope you’ll support the cause.  Click on my contributions page.  Dad the Single Guy will match the first $250 worth of donations made.

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Off to the Races – The Cupid Undie Run

Cupid Undie Run 2014This winter New York has been a winter wonder land.  And after weeks of snow storm after snow storm and piles of snow at every corner – the next thing to do is strip down to your underwear and run through the streets of New York City.  So, off to the races – the Cupid Undie Run is on.

It seems like the snow falling on the runners heading south along the West Side Highway was kind of poetic justice – after all it always snows in NYC this winter.  The cause is just – research for the treatment of childhood cancers and the company was fun.  It’s not unlike a rolling party in the streets of New York.

For the second year, I asked readers here and elsewhere for contributions.  And a big thank you to all who read, and in this case contributed.  Overall, the NYC undie run raised more than $125,000 (we did our part at just over $300).  And a good time was had by all.

So next year look for the links, the emails and if you’re not going to strip down and run, I hope you’ll consider contributing.

If you want to see some of the fun, check out my Instagram (and don’t be afraid to follow or throw a like), or the Twitter hash tag #ImWithCupid.


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Sacrifice and Juggle, Another Day For the Single Dad

Islanders Playoffs 2013A month ago, with the Islanders on one of the best tears they have been on since they last played in the Stanley Cup finals in 1984 I decided to give my self a birthday gift and I got tickets to the playoffs.  Then the schedule was set, and low and behold, even that would require sacrifice and juggle just to get through the day as a single dad.


On the calendar before the playoffs started was a pair of Bat Mitzvah events for 12.5.  I knew I would have to take her out to NJ on Saturday, she’d sleep at a friend and then go into the city with the friend for the Sunday event and I would meet her in the city.  Around that would be the playoffs-or right in the middle.

I got two tickets, figuring I would alternate the girls to games (this is the their first playoff experience) and work everything around that.  Admittedly it’s a crap shoot of sorts, but a noon Sunday game? UGH.

Part of what made the whole weekend such a juggle was trying to get all the other stuff done.  It had been two-weeks since I was at the dry cleaners, so that could not wait this weekend.  Fruits and vegetables needed restocking, so that was not something that could push.  Then there was Friday night.  We were the family doing the coffee and cake (oneg) after services so we had to be out of the house by 630.

That was also the night 12.5 decided to try ghost-pepper hot sauce.  She also drank a quart of milk, so there was no pushing a trip to the store to get more milk.  In fact, 10.5 called me out on that Saturday morning while I was driving 12.5 to NJ.

So, a full plate of errands, crisscrossing the Hudson twice and the East River four times and a stop at the Coliseum for playoff hockey were all on the schedule for the weekend.

Now at 7 on Sunday night we’re done.  The big sacrifice?  10.5 and I had to miss the OT at the Islanders game in order to get into the city to get 12.5.  These are the things we do.

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Lacing Up The Running Shoes For Cause

Cupid Undie RunWith very little “training” accomplished, I’ll be pulling on the running shoes next week, and stripping down to my undies for a one mile (or so) romp through Chelsea and the Meat Packing sections of NYC-it’s all for a good cause.  But even a mile at this point is an accomplishment.

The Cupid Undie run Run New York is a benefit run supporting the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  For me, it’s a chance with very little pressure to test out both of my knees.

By the time the run steps off next week it will be six weeks since my second knee surgery. So far, PT has been going well but I am just starting to run.  The good news about this one mile trek is that there is no clock.  I fully expect to be in the very back of the race, chugging along mostly trying not to take a bad step.

And since this is a fundraising run, I’ll invite all to make a contribution to the cause.  To start things off on my page, I’ve already donated the proceeds from my book, The Beginning of the Middle of the End of the Beginning from the fourth quarter of 2012 to the cause.

I hope you’ll contribute too (and buy my book if you haven’t already).

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Appreciating the Classics, Or Not

Get Dad The Single Guy’s New Book

The Beginning of the Middle of the End of the Beginning now

on all e-readers

This new year’s day (like others) I’m able to catch up with some of great TV shows that pre-date even my youth but I fondly recall from my youth.  Some 12 hours after the last guest left from our small party, I’ve been flipping between Honeymooners (on WPIX in NYC) and The Odd Couple (channel 10 in NYC) and loving it.  My girls not so much.

These shows, along with Twilight Zone (Sy-Fy) are in their annual outing.  364 days before the next marathon.  Being a product of the TV generation, I remember watching these shows over and over in the early days of what I learned in college was TV syndication.

There are a myriad of arcane TV rules as to why these shows get rolled out once a year, and you can go Google that if you are so inclined.

What is striking to me though is how little my girls have an interest in any of this.  They aren’t even humoring me today.  One is on the computer playing Roblox.  The other is on the iPad updating her SIMMS.

Now being the product of the digital age, I know what these things are too.

As for the shows, being children of the digital revolution, my girls would not appreciate these shows until they were on Netflix or have an app.

I can still recite the shows (especially Honeymooners) line for line.  Maybe my generation is the end of the line for these shows-like some shows ended with my generation (Ed Sullivan I think is a good example).  I guess for my girls, Futurama, My Name is Earl and Malcolm in the Middle are the new Honeymooners, Odd Couple and Gilligan’s Island.

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Earthquakes to Hurricanes

A week after the big storm is a chance to look back at a tumultuous week-and try to pick out some of the lessons.

It started in a  flat-out weird way with the earthquake in VA that shook up and down the east coast.  I’ve survived similar tremors and quakes while in CA, but in NYC it was a whole new experience.  When I got home, the girls were home with my mom and I asked them about the quake, and got a very tepid answer.  It wasn’t until later in the week-when the conversation turned to the impending hurricane that they said anything real about the earthquake.

As a dad, I was struck, it wasn’t really fear or concern-rather wanting to understand what had occurred.

Then came the storm.  I was very minimalist in my “preps.”  There is already bottled water in the garage, plenty of food is stored and even without power for days I was pretty sure we would be OK. The mother of one of 11.0’s good friends went in the opposite direction.  She was stocking up.

This prompted a lot of questions from 11.0 about why I was so relaxed compared to her friend’s mom.  Now, I have a lot of experience of being out in hurricanes-it was my job for a while to be the guy out in the storm saying it was dangerous, so perhaps I was a little cavalier about it, I don’t know.  But I also wanted to project calmness for the girls-no need to panic.  Know what you need to do and do it-a teaching moment perhaps.

On Sunday morning, as the storm came through 8.5 woke up early and was riveted to the storm coverage.  I was watching our local cable station (and my former employer) News 12 Long Island and it was a mix of good information wrapped around repetition-but  it was impactful  What 8.5 saw though was the impact of the storm far away from where we live and she got nervous.

As the morning rolled on and the rain stopped, I wanted to take a walk around our community to see what impact it had-afterall all we did not lose power, cable or phone service.  So 11.0 and I walked around some while 8.5 stayed behind-I think nervous about going out.

Two new experiences for the girls-the earthquake and the hurricane all in one week.  While it was interesting to see how they reacted to it, the broader take away is simple calm.  Just make it work.

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NYC Fresh Air Fund

Fresh Air FundHope everyone doesn’t mind a slight departure from the usual commentary-after I published The Fine Art of Timing earlier this week I got an email from Sara Wilson at the Fresh Air fund asking if I would share with my network an appeal for volunteer host families for this summer.  And her timing was pretty good, because I was just thinking about ways I can share with my community that are not straight up donations (cash is a little tight right now).

While my summer plans don’t allow me to take in a child for a week or more, its such a worthy endeavour if you can do it.  Imagine all the things you take for granted-stepping out of the pool and firing up a BBQ in your backyard, waking up on a Saturday morning and saying, “Lets make it a beach day.”

For thousands of children in the inner city, the closest they’ll get to water this summer is the spray from an open fire hydrant.

I’ve never hosted a Fresh Air Fund child, but I know people who have-and met the children and its a rewarding experience.  If you want more check out the Fresh Air Fund site and I am sure Sara or one of her co-workers will be happy to walk you through the process.  Yeah, you can donate a thousand dollars, but what’s seeing a smile worth?

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Not In New York City Anymore

I capped a crazy day today-that started with an aborted Long Island Rail Road commute to New York City with a stop at a local bar and restaurant for a drink with a neighbor that hammered home-I’m not in New York City when I am home.  A friend of mine @kathygc on Twitter referred to where I live as the country today-and after tonight I think I agree.

We stopped in at J&R’s Steak House up the road from where we live.  Its been a long while since I was in there-and I had never just hit up the bar.  The place is on a golf course, but its raining today.  There were probably 40 people in the bar, not sure how many were in the restaurant.

We took seats at a small table, since there were not two seats together at the bar-but there was no waitress service.  OK, it’s a Tuesday.

I went to the bar-where there were three bartenders on, and it took more than 7 minutes to get a JW on the rocks and a glass of wine.  That’s not NYC at all.  I dropped a credit card and asked to keep the tab open.

After a second round, we went to close out.  In NYC, reflexively I would get a bill charged to my credit card.  Out here, this required a conversation-and another 5 minutes, and a bar that was now emptier than when we walked in.

Either I need to go out on LI more often (probably not) or learn some non-NYC patience (also probably not) or stop listening to @kathygc (probably good advice, but I won’t do that either).

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