Finally I Can Yearn for the Good Old Days

in lineGenerally speaking, I am not one to pine for the good old days – way back when life was easier in the early to mid 1980’s (way back then).  I like to think at least I am someone who embraces life today and cherishes the moment.  But after taking 16.5 to register for driver’s ed, finally I can yearn for the good old days.

Perhaps because we were recently talking about it, or perhaps I just remember – but the fact that there was nothing momentous about my registering for driver’s ed.  That’s a stark contrast to the 90 minutes we spent tonight getting the deed done.

Way back in the old days of 1984 (or maybe it was early 1985) I took a form a check and walked up to the office at the school where I took driver’s ed and I was done.  Tonight, we walked into the high school up the road, and there was easily 75 kids (and assorted parents) on a line snaking through the front hallway and down an adjoining corridor.

There were two women in the school’s office taking checks and forms – and writing (as in pen to paper) names on lists.  One of the parents commented that in 2016, there should be a better way…

Yeah I thought, they could do it like they did way back in 1984.  It wasn’t an event.  It really should not have been memorable.  In contrast I suppose it will be.

So, finally I can yearn for the good old days.  The days when putting pen to paper and handing in a check wasn’t an evening out – it was just another stop along the way.

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Old School-For Now

Since the beginning of my cell phone time I’ve always carried two cell phones.  One personal and one for work.  Initially, having a cell phone was a big deal and since I got a great price through work, I figured why not.

Through the years, it’s been nice because as jobs change my phone number stays the same.

Another compelling reason to carry two phones is when you carry a phone for work-its theirs.  That means at any point in time, they can say I want it back.  Well, if you have another phone, which you use for personal matters, great.  Here you go.

I would say since somewhere in the late 80’s I’ve carried a phone that also had my work email on it.  In the early days it was a Blackberry-you remember the ones with the wheel on the side.

Last week, I became victim to one of the fastest growing crimes in New York City-theft of a cell phone.  My work cell phone (a HTC Incredible 3) was taken off a table where I was eating a salad.  Now I still have my personal phone, so not a huge issue.  I’ve moved a lot of my work stuff (temporarily) to my personal phone.

But what I can’t move is access to my work email.  There are lots of security rules when working for a big company, and it’s just not going to happen.  So now, I am kind of working “old school” where I have to log into my computer, do a VPN connection and check my email.

I can’t really remember the last time I walked into work and had no idea what was in my email box.  More than that, connected to email is calendar, where my day, the calls the meetings and places are all laid out.  I’ve forwarded those to my personal mobile, but still it’s not a great system.

But it’s also been pretty refreshing.  It’s a good reminder that not every email needs to be answered in real-time regardless of day and time, the world will go on.

I expect tonight my new phone will be waiting for me.  By sometime tomorrow I will have my email back up and running-and once again I will be über connected.  But for now, I’ll get back to you soon, promise.

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Teaching a Middle Aged Dog New Tricks

As life rolls by, and life experiences pile up sometimes it becomes clear that being set in your ways is not always the best way to work through an issue and certainly does not help achieve change at any level.

So, even an old (or in my case middle-aged) person needs to learn something new.

I’ve never considered myself to be change averse.  The longest I’ve ever held a job is five years, early in my career I think I moved twice a year just to keep myself from accumulating too much stuff.

But then life happens.  You get settled.  You have kids, you take on more responsibility and that embrace of change slowly loosens and perhaps even worse you become set in  your ways.

Our lives though have been filled with change and transition and sometimes through that you change and adapt to survive.  As a single parent and care giver it became easy for me to take on everything.  A force of one, getting things done.  For better or worse for a very long time it worked.  Life without checks and balances made decision-making easy.  Having to think for three or four at a time became a way of life, and hopefully you made the right decisions.  (I like to think more often than not I did).

But as life changes, so do the people around you and their roles.  So change and adjust I must, because life changes and we have to be ready for it and embrace those moments.

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