A Few Quiet Moments

A Few Quiet MomentsAlthough it wasn’t by (my) design – I had the house to myself last night.  But it’s a few quiet moments this morning – while the girls are sleeping upstairs that seems more relaxing to me.

Maybe it’s because I’m a little better rested this morning.  Maybe it’s because I’m not in a flurry of text messages with the girls over who is where and when they are coming home….

Or maybe it’s because I tend to be a morning person (now).

There was a time when I was able to sleep well past 10 in the morning.  Now sleeping to 830 is sleeping in for me.  But that time has become some of the most productive of the day for me.

Whether I am out getting the weekly food shopping done, getting to the gym, heading out to the trails for a bike ride or a run – or simply catching up – getting a few quiet moments in the day isn’t so bad.

Despite having those moments last night – there is no way to gauge the productivity as I sat on the couch watching Chopped and hockey.

So, coffee at my side I get some writing done here and on a few work projects (even on a Sunday) and try to figure out how else to make use of a few quiet moments – before getting into the crux of the day.

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Another Round of Changes

Within the last week another round of changes occurred in the quiet house-and much like last year at this time it’s not all that bad.

First, I got my new “activity” brace for my knee.  The nice thing about this brace is that it’s designed to wear while doing things, so I am now far more up and about-and that’s a good thing.  I could be back in the gym at some level by next week, but still months away from getting back to full activity.

With my new brace strapped onto my leg, it was off to visiting day over the weekend to see the girls.

Now I really do miss the girls a lot.  This year, being mostly stuck in the empty house and not being able to get done what I wanted to, even more.  Its three weeks into their summer camp and normally I would be out and about doing things, or puttering around the house doing things.

And with the new brace in place, it was back onto the Long Island Rail Road and into the office for me as well.  Back to the grind-and even that is not so bad.

This summer though, there is a will to get things done, and I’m getting there-but the results are slow to come by.  Think about all you do in a day and the ways your legs move around under you.  I had never thought about it until I could not move my legs.

But new brace, new capability and getting things done, not so bad-and seeing my girls priceless.

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The Inverse Ratio

Under normal circumstances, the moments to sit on the couch and just “veg” are pretty few and far between for me.  With the girls and school plus events, working, commuting, keeping the house on track-the need for time management as I note here often is paramount.

I tend to think that near constant level of hustle and bustle actually helps me get more done.  Sure, I’d love to have more hours in a day, but I usual can fill a day pretty well.

Flash to today.   The girls are at camp so the house is quiet.  I’m now 15 days post surgery and doing well.  Rehab is on or slightly ahead of schedule and I can walk around some without crutches and brace.  But I also have to keep using the brace for another week (until July 9) which has created a whole set of secondary issues.

The brace goes from about mid-shin to the top of my thigh and it keeps my knee locked in straight position.  As I move around with the brace on, my ankle and calf take on a lot of the work normally done by the knee and quads.

That extra demand has left me with a grade 2 strain of my calf.  It was so bad at one point yesterday I just stopped moving completely.  In an effort to let it calm down and heal, I’ve tried to keep the brace off most of the day today and really tried not to do anything.

It’s been plenty of couch time.  But that has not inspired me to do anything else.  No writing (even this blog has waited all day until after 9 to get to).  There’s no pressure to get anything done-so I am not.

I suppose “every now and then” that’s not such a bad thing, right?  But at the same time I can’t help but think I should have gotten more done today as well.

The inverse ratio at play-the less I have to get done, the less I get done.

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My Non-Golden Silence

It’s been nearly two-weeks since I’ve had the chance to update my blog, and I have to tell you the issue was more about technical limitations that time crunch or just not having anything to say.  And as you’ll see, this blog was going to be far different than it turned out-at the end of the day the company I use to host this blog (Network Solutions) kind of out of nowhere decided to practice really good customer service and I have to say thank you.

So, all of this goes back to the start of the month, when I realized I could not log into the tool that lets me update the blog, add pictures etcetera.  Now, this has happened in the past and I kind of knew where to look for the issue and trouble shoot.  So, last week I spent the better part of three hours doing just that.  Guess what?  It was an all new problem.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a true guy, and never call for help. But I had to.  So into the queue for Network Solutions Customer service.  That was about an hour on hold and another 40 minutes with a customer service rep (CSR).  So now I am about five hours into trouble shooting and the CSR the night I called told me the host had applied a PHP security patch and there was something I could do on WordPress to update settings.  Email would be arriving with the information.

No email.

I spent some time going back and forth with Network Solutions on Twitter while I was at work-and despite not really being able to directly help me with much, they were very responsive.  When I got home that night, it was back on the phone with Network Solutions.  This time I was very annoyed and asked for a supervisor.  What I found out on this call was the information about the security patch was all wrong and the fix involved making a change to my hosted account and updating the PHP via FTP.

Since it was Tuesday night when I got this information, and I don’t actually write PHP code I figured this would all wait until today-and this blog post would be first out of the blocks but with a different tone.

Then came a surprise.  This morning I got a call from John at Network Solutions and he fixed the problem-and he explained it as they applied a PHP patch and it reset to default settings a bunch of accounts (including mine) PHP memory.

Now, I dabble in these types of areas professionally, and for the first time I felt like I was actually getting a straight answer from Network Solutions.

The night I made my second call, and the CSR supervisor was telling me that the patch had nothing to do with the outage, I was outraged.  I know in my job had I done something that caused entire sites to go down, I would be fired.  The supervisor tried to up sell me a site monitoring package-which I don’t need except for when Network Solutions applies rogue patches without determining the result.

So, thank you to the Twitter team at Network Solutions and thank you to John to made a change this morning.   My contract with Network Solutions runs until February and I can say this.  While this does not mean I am not changing my host, I will certainly look around.

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