Steve Harvey, Miss Universe and the New Year

Steve Harvey Miss UniverseI have to admit right at the onset, not only didn’t I see the faux pas that occurred during the Miss Universe pageant when Steve Harvey crowned the runner-up the winner and then had to fess up to his mistake, the only reason I even noticed it was because of social media (and I mostly ignored it).  The only reason I’ve even thought about is the girls and I had the chance to meet Steve Harvey this year and appear on his show.  So what do Steve Harvey, Miss Universe and the new year have to do with one another?

(Outside a chance to repost the link to the appearance the girls and I had on the show that is).

The new year is a blank canvas for all of us – a chance to look back at the year that was and reflect on what went right, what went wrong and what we can take away from it all.  The new year is the ultimate do over – much like Steve Harvey had about a minute after realizing the mistake.

You take a look around, realize what you’ve done, assess how to fix it and move on.

I’m sure the news-cycle will move on fairly quickly on this moment for Steve and once Christmas passes us by – we’ll all begin to look at the promise of 2016.  We all face at some level the rough and tumble of the news-cycle – just not always played out across social media, traditional media and whispered in every corner of world.

Mistakes happen, it’s a lesson we all probably started learning when we were six years old – and now and then can use a reminder.  Am I happy that my next book won’t be available for the start of the year – no.  But a chance to learn from the reasons for the delays and a chance to move on and try again next year is just around the corner.

Just as Steve Harvey did during Miss Universe – stop, realize what you’ve done and be honest with yourself and others and move on.  That’s all we can do.  History is done, the moment we’re living is now and its the one we all need to focus on.

We’re 10 days away from a clean slate – a chance to reset and restart.  Take some time now to asses what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve come up short on and what you want to do.  The moment of Steve Harvey, Miss Universe and the new year will come and go quickly – the moment of changing the narrative is ongoing.


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