Spring Time Of Year Again

spring into summerEven though the weather here in NY is very un-spring like, given all the stuff going on it’s spring for sure.  This spring is going to unfurl into a different kind of summer here, as only one of the girls is going to camp.  Make no doubt about it though, it is the spring time of year again.  But before that, we still have to navigate softball, track, finals, packing and new this year getting 16.0 ready for a job.

I’m hoping I am not short-changing the packing this year.  My thought is since it’s only one going to camp I don’t need all the time needed to pack, so 13.5 is not yet started camp packing.  We’ll see how that goes.

For 16.0, she’ll be lifeguarding at a water park about 30 minutes from the house.  What I hope she appreciates (I’ve said it to her exactly this way) getting her to her job is not my job.  Hopefully there will be carpools and the occasional über.

In the meantime – both girls need to keep focus on the end of the school year.  13.5 blustered her way through a research paper this weekend, and 16.0 has already taken an AP test.

So, packing will start soon for camp.  16.0 begins work over Memorial Day weekend – it’s spring time of year again – lot’s to get done before summer sets in, no matter what the weather is like.

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Turning to the Final Quarter

A Sprung SpringWith spring here in NY finally in full effect, report cards for the third quarter were posted today (both girls are north of 90 on the GPA’s), we make the turn to the final quarter and head for the summer.  Historically, the fourth quarter of the school year is the toughest to manage with commitments and events dotted all over our schedules.  Oh yeah, I also have to get the girls ready for camp.

On the hectic schedule over the next few weeks are several bat mitzvah’s that 12.5 will go to.  14.5 is wrapping up her spring track season at school.  We are doing another survival run.  12.5 has a spring concert coming up and 14.5 will turn 15.

In between all of that, we have to swing by the post office to update passports for both girls (although only 14.5 will need hers this summer), do a bunch of shopping for camp stuff and begin to get serious about 12.5’s bat mitzvah in October.

We may be turning to the final quarter (of the school year), and the break for camp is less than 60 days away – but as we head to the home stretch the heavy lifting is still ahead of us.

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The Home Stretch of Hectic

Home Stretch of HecticAs the spring that really kind of never was weather wise winds down – so does the season of hectic.  Looking at the calendar, and for us we are in the home stretch of hectic season.  What I’ve realized this year is that the tasks and demands change but the volume of hectic stays pretty steady.  Obviously this is nothing new, I’ve written about how hectic the spring is several times like here and here.  A few more weeks, the girls get on the bus for camp and we can finish the home stretch of hectic.

Back this year is softball for 11.5.  New this year is the travel team she is playing on, so we are managing two softball schedules.  Gone by now is Hebrew school, but that was in the mix until just a few weeks ago.

For 13.5 we add the looming specter of the New York State Regents testing.  She has two this year – and because she’s lucky she is in the first ever Integrated Algebra Regents class.  So for her two Regents track classes, she has three tests to take.

In the mix this year is 11.5’s first foray into finals at middle school, packing for camp, the rest of the school  year and all the regular day-to-day tasks to accomplish.

So, we’ll get ready for Regents and finals as best we can.  We’ll make the softball games and practices and pack the bags for camp.  The day is in sight when it all slows down.  For now though, we’re in the home stretch of hectic.

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Holiday, Work, School, Spring Break-A Week of Juggling Ahead

Juggling on a TightropeSpring break 2013 is upon us.  The week ahead already has an interesting mix of holiday planning, school work to be done and for me more than work from home for the week.  All of that means its an exercise in time management and juggling to keep everyone on track.

Both girls have some homework over the break.  Mostly it’s prep work for the state testing that kicks off once they are back in school next week.  Add to that 12.5 needs to do a turn on her Bat Mitzvah speech this week and she needs to start conceptualizing the candle lighting she wants to do during her party.  For 10.0 along with the school work, she has to finish up her science fair project this week.


Mix in two seder dinners and one of them I have to go into the city for the afternoon before hosting and all of the other stuff that just comes up during the week-and well it’s all about keeping the chain saws in the air.

Juggling is nothing new to any parent.  For single parents it’s a unique walk across a tightrope.  In between all of the planned and scheduled activities will be the last-minute things that will come up-trips to friend’s houses, I’m sure a movie or two and who knows what else.

So, into a needed “down week” we’ll go, knowing full well there will be lot’s to do and lot’s of juggling to be done.

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The Longer Day

As we wind down the Sunday where we “spring ahead” and the days become longer-I realize now that longer days are what I need to get through the end of the school year and get the girls off to camp.  The only problem is in my mind, the longer day is like another six hours, and not more sunshine in the same 24.

This weekend featured the start of the softball season for both girls.  This is the third season they are playing, and I am pretty sure it started a week earlier than normal-so we’ll have to make a run to get some new gear.  I had planned on that anyway, but thought I had another week.

From here its four weeks until the season starts.  It looks like both will have one or two practices during the week and then a practice on Saturday.  About half the mid-week practices are direct conflicts with Hebrew school, and much to 9.0’s already stated chagrin Hebrew wins during practice.  During the season we’ll evaluate on a game-by-game basis.

Add into the mix is the end of the last third of the school  year which includes several events that are open to parental particiaption-which I think it’s important to make so I do.

Then we have to get all the camp stuff ready which will need some counting and a bunch of shopping.

New to this year’s mix, 11.5 and I need to figure out where her Bat Mitzvah will be and put together a plan of some kind to get ready for her Bat Mitzvah next year.

And for 11.5 being in middle school this year, we add finals week to the mix so I have to evaluate child care and how to manage those days.

Oh yeah, I’ll also need to work and take care of the usual day-to-day stuff that just gets done.

So yeah, it will be nice to have more daylight.  But what would be really nice is some more day.

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